I found a new job a week ago! I help at a human services organization. I handle donations and customers for now, but I plan to work at the facility where children and adolescents receive counseling.

I hadn’t worked for years. I wasn’t interested. I was lazy. I wasn’t motivated at all. I know that sobriety changed this as well. Having a job that includes serving people makes me very happy. I set up new goals and it’s liberating.

In the last few months I felt uneasy not because I had anxiety but because I wanted to jump out of my skin. The usual chores didn’t keep me busy anymore. Something was missing. I still have that grumpy little “me” who got stuck with negative thoughts long time ago. I grew up in an environment in which working was a pain in the butt, nothing else. It was simply a must…no joy whatsoever. It is hard to change this mentality. Thank God, I am able to reform it. I am excited and I love being tired haha.


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