Recovery: Summer Love

I mean…I love summer this yearĀ šŸ˜Š That is unusual. I always hated the heat and the blinding sunshine. I lovedĀ  clouds, wind, and dark environment. When I started drinking, it got worse. I couldn’t enjoy the outdoors during late spring or summer. I sweated and I got headaches. I thought it was natural. My preference. I know a lot of people who adore warm weather even when the thermometer hits 100 degrees and I always envied them. See, preference is one thing, completely saying away from any activities during a whole season is something else. Of course I had no idea that this was affected by alcoholism because I refused to remember the fact that I had no problems with the starĀ called Sun when I was younger. I am not saying that I admired summer but I didn’t run away from it.

Things are changing. I was surprised at myself when I realized that I suddenly made peace with the heat and the sunshine. I can take it. I don’t sweat anymore and I don’t getĀ headaches anymore when I spend more than 5 minutes outside. I learned to like it no matter how uncomfortable it might be. Actually, few days ago the temperature dropped and the sky was covered with dark clouds. I got depressed which was another surprise because I normally get depressed when it’s hot. I cannot state that summer will be my new favorite season. I will always stick with the beauty of fall. But don’t throw a tantrum every time when the temperature goes above 75 degrees. Since I don’t have the negative physical symptoms anymore, I happily handle it. (By the way, I believe that one of the reasons is the higher level of vitamin D in my system).


Is this really part of the recovery process? Do you guys have/had similar experiences?


9 thoughts on “Recovery: Summer Love

  1. Hi Sophie!
    I am very sensitive to heat, and not drinking has not made any difference for me.
    However, some of that is due to other health stuff I have.
    However, I love sitting in the shade on a hot day, drinking a fancy water, and reading…as I am doing right now! It’s 90 here today!

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  2. I used to get very lethargic during the brighter season, kind of a reverse seasonal affective disorder. Usually, people get depressed when there is less sunlight, I was the opposite. I’m better now.

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  3. Definitely I appreciate the good weather more but then I generally have a brighter attitude towards life in general since getting sober! P.s It rarely gets that hot in Ireland to be fair…

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