Life: Ginger

Okay, so I heard a lot about equine therapy. Apparently, it can assist people to reduce anxiety and has been proven to help people with addiction (not as a main form of therapy though). I also believe that being connected to horses can improve our spiritual life. Horses are majestic and extremely sensitive animals. H. says that they are one of the most unique creatures of God. He knows, he had horses in the past. I tend to agree. When I see a horse, I immediately feel calm and my mood becomes uplifted. I can definitely see God in horses’ eyes 😍

We started a new routine with H. few weeks ago. No matter what, we take a long walk every evening. The weather is beautiful and the local area is quiet. Creeks, fields, small parks are everywhere. Three days ago we “met” a wonderful horse. She is kept in a nice fenced field where she seems to have everything she needs. We also met the owner. The horse’s name is Ginger. She is very friendly. Of course got attached to her right away. I am telling you that she let us pet her not only because she liked it. She knew that we needed this little connection. We now visit Ginger every evening. We exchanged breaths (you breathe on her and she breathes on you) which is an important ritual 😊. Yesterday she put her face against my face. Of course that made my heart melt. Obviously, this is not professional equine-assisted therapy. but I don’t think it matters.



4 thoughts on “Life: Ginger

  1. You are very fortunate to be able to visit Ginger. I love horses and have been lucky enough to have had 2 that were working Quarter horses and we had work to do together working cattle. The are very intuitive powerful creatures. There is, in my opinion, something very spiritual in relating to them.

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