Life: H. and his vivid dreams

H. has been very active during sleeping. He often talks and kicks while he is dreaming. I got used to it over the years but unfortunately, it got a lot worse. Now he mumbles pretty loudly and he started tossing and turning violently which means that many times he accidentally hits me. He is so sorry and devastated; I actually feel sorry for him 🙂 Obviously, his activity disturbs me. I can’t fall asleep for hours or I get startled in the middle of the night. H. had other sleeping issues earlier. He visited his doctor and they couldn’t find anything abnormal. However, I looked up the symptoms in one of my textbooks. It is possible that he has REM sleep behavior disorder. Treatment includes taking benzodiazepines. Great haha 😆

Anyhow, I decided to find a temporary solution until we can go back to the doctor. Last night, he slept in the other bedroom. Of course he slept like a rock without a noise (at least while I was still up). Maybe I am the problem? 🙂 As for me, I didn’t even had to use ear plugs for the first time in about 10 years.


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