Some updates

Today is my birthday and I decided that I will create some more structure in my life. I can’t help it; I simply need it 🙂

One of these affects the blog. No big deal though. I just figured out that I would like to categorize my entries based on the subject (daily life, arts+poetry, quotes, faith, etc). I also realized that if I want to work with people who suffer from addiction, I better use every opportunity to educate myself. That is why I will share studies in this blog as well.

I am not sure why I actually wrote this post 😀 I guess I had to take a quick note so I will not forget my own plans haha.


10 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Structure is good!
    I found that when I retired, and got sober AND had my cochlear implant all in the same year, I did not have enough structure built in.
    That was really hard, and it made my depression, loneliness and everything worse.
    Now, I have my yoga classes, volunteering, laundry day, etc.
    Little things, but makes such a difference!

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