I already shared some of my experiences regarding meditation. Few weeks ago, I discovered a website and I instantly fell in love with the meditations. Meditainment offers different meditation journeys depending on what you need. The technique is based on sounds, music, and imagination. The only catch is that you need to wait to unlock more than two places. It’s worth it though. These meditations are only 20 minutes long and they are excellent for people who like guided imagery.

Here is the link: Meditainment


3 thoughts on “Meditainment

  1. I have arrived at a place where I like it to be as quiet as possible. little noises I am able to acknowledge and let go
    I used to enjoy guided meditations but things naturally change as our practice changes

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  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I like the occasional guided meditation. Usually I like the quiet ones – where I can sink deeply and have “conversations” with my higher self. It sounds all flakey and stuff, but I get so much out of those meditation “chats”. It’s taken me time to get there, but I love it. I love the silent ones too!

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