I am not happy with my legs!

It seems that I have developed restless legs syndrome. At least that is the only disorder that could explain my symptoms. I am that type who doesn’t feel pain just the irritating tingling-squeezing sensation. Only when I go to sleep at night. Of course, ignoring the feeling is not enough because then my calf gets pissed off and starts moving involuntarily. It stops being funny at 3 am hahaha.

I looked up the causes…pretty much unknown. No cure. Some advice. Suggestions include keeping a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress. Ok, so I already do all of those. I pay attention to the levels of vitamins and minerals I need. I am not anemic. What else? Oh, apparently some experts say that I shouldn’t go to sleep until I feel totally exhausted which means that my funny legs couldn’t interfere with falling asleep because I am too tired. Or I can get up and walk fast for a while. Both are awesome. It is now 1 am and I am not exhausted at all (when will I be…hmmm?). And when I finally feel sleepy, I will have to get up to walk. Sorry, I am laughing at my misery especially when I think of the other possible solution which is taking addictive muscle relaxers 😀


On a more serious note, sleep was always an interesting enemy. When I was a child, I could not enjoy sleeping because I had terrible nightmares. When I was a teen, I had some good years and sleeping made me very happy. Then I started using alcohol to sleep. In the last few months I started loving my sleep time again. I want to sleep. After so many years, I am not afraid to go to bed anymore. Now my body says NO. I do know that my body is trying to tell me something. I just have to figure out what,


8 thoughts on “I am not happy with my legs!

      1. Both! It’s awful, you feel like
        you need to run a marathon to get rid of it, magnesium definitely helped, the calcium helps absorb it.Also ebsom salts in the bath may help😊

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  1. I know people with this, and they are as confounded as you are, even with lots of time dealing with it. comes and goes for many of them. They try to tire themselves out, but doesn’t always work. Anyways, hopefully you will find a way through this!

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