Wedding anniversary

H. and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary today. I was not very excited about it. For some reason, I don’t like celebrating on a specific day (I could celebrate anything on any day). Suddenly, I got in the mood. I cooked a surprise dinner for us and got a little gift. H. was so happy about it, I almost cried 🙂

This is the first anniversary without drinking. We enjoyed the sober evening very much. I can’t even imagine other special days including holidays with alcohol. What a blessing! I couldn’t watch our wedding DVD though…it reminded me of drinking. It is so weird because I wouldn’t think that seeing ourselves while drinking could make me reject the entire video. Ah well, it is what it is.

We definitely went through hell in the last 9 years even when we thought we were fine. Nope, we were not. I don’t regret anything because I can’t change the past but I know that we have a brand new marriage.


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