Sometimes it’s trauma

This post will be about H. He is also suffering from alcoholism. He sobered up more than 6 months ago and he does not have many triggers (for now). In his case, a trauma can be the cause of his disease. I know that traumas can be influential but I also know that there might be other factors that help developing addiction (family history, genetics, environmental issues).

H. was in his early 30’s when he fell in love with a pretty girl who had a little son from her first marriage. They planned their future together. They were very happy. One evening, they got into a car accident and the woman and her son died immediately. H. was driving. The accident was not his fault. A stop sign was completely hidden by a huge branch of a tree. No, he was not under the influence. That is when the demon found him who made him believe that the only way to survive is creating a strong relationship between the two of them. He worked out the trauma years later with the help of counselors but since he ignored his alcoholism, the counselor could not assist him with that.

By the time we met, he was bonded to alcohol. I did not know it. I did not know that I had the same bond too. We fought, we lied, we kept secrets. And finally, we got help. H. broke up with the demon and threw away their wedding ring. He wrote a letter to alcohol in which he tied the ends. He accepted that his past will be with him in a form of feelings. He will always grieve. But he stopped listening to the demon.

We have various reasons and various addictions. I believe that one of the keys is explore them.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s trauma

  1. Very powerful. And in the end, yes, it’s in exploring what brings us to the bottle (or pill, or whatever it is) which is the most important thing we can do. And continue to do. thanks for this.

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