First of all, Happy Easter to everyone šŸ™‚

Earlier I was wondering what this holiday means to me. When I was a child, we did not celebrate the Christian aspect of Easter (especially not during the Communist era). We rather focused on the old folklore traditions. Yes, we had the bunny and the painted eggs. We ate ham, bacon, and hard boiled eggs with horseradish. But we also have a tradition that made Easter special and funny. On Easter Monday, the girls dressed up nicely and waited for the boys (relatives, friends, neighbors). The guys came over, recited a small poem and sprinkled us with water (sometimes it was a bucketful) or cologne (they sprayed our hair and we stank at the end of the day). The girls represented the flowers of the Spring šŸ™‚ In turn, we gave the boys painted eggs or little gifts. The adults often had a feast and they drank a lot.


I only learned about the Christian meaning of Easter after I grew up. I celebrate Jesus during these days (and every day as a matter of fact). However, I still miss the terrible smell of cologne and the goofy poems šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. It is interesting where the traditions come from. I get annoyed with the over emphasis here on chocolate. And bunnies. But even as a Christian I found that Easter was whitewashed by many of the protestant churches I attended. It is only this year whilst venturing in to the unknown world of a Catholic Church that I have witnessed a truly wonderful reverential style of celebrating Easter. I have really enjoyed it. For the past six weeks I have been forced to ponder on what Easter really is about. It has done me good. It has probably been the most meaningful Easter of my entire life.

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