Virtual Worlds

One of my friends’ coworker published a book about Second Life. He conducted a study that explained how individuals escape reality as a result of challenges, such as sexual orientation, mental illness, and physical disabilities. Here is his website if you are interested:

This phenomenon does exist. I belonged to a small, family-oriented, and spiritual virtual world. That is where I met H. The environment was relaxing and creative. The members from all around the world helped me to open up my mind regarding many subjects. We enjoyed the incredible connections and possibilities.

Did we try to escape reality? Probably we did. But can we actually escape reality? I don’t think so. We can play hide and seek while we don’t pay attention to the problems that surround us. We might create surrogate virtual families and immerse ourselves in our fantasies. Then, we can develop an addiction. By that time, the virtual world is no fun. It is a must. It becomes a substitute for life just like substances. To me, it is both sad and understandable. I can’t judge because I have my own experiences about internet addiction. It was very powerful. What can I say? Awareness is my best friend.



5 thoughts on “Virtual Worlds

  1. I think there is so much that can be said about this topic of virtual life and real life. I know, being a bisexual man, that I have delved into escapism on more than one occasion – okay, actually, I spent a considerable amount of time there. The unfortunate “reality” is that we can’t escape from life…it is still there and a very intricate part of how we see the world. The real challenge is to turn our dreams, our fantasies into our realities and then there would not be a need to escape.
    Well, that’s how I think, anyways.
    Great post, I really liked it! 🙂 ❤

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  2. I have not gone into a virtual world, such as Second Life.
    All my FB friends are people I know for real.
    But I do struggle with addiction like behavior when it comes to computer games, such as candy crush.
    And with phone checking.
    The days I don’t play games, I am more productive, and also can get more lost…as what should I do.
    Thank you,

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