Two new God shots

I have been experiencing God shots for a long time. I always appreciated them. Did I take them seriously? That is a different story. Now daily miracles happen to me and I learned to notice them. However, there are occasions when God shots are simply shocking. Maybe just to me. Both of these took place today:

I was taking out the garbage. On the way to the trashcans, I saw to men standing at my neighbor’s patio. One of them kept looking at me and said: “Hi, how are you? I think we know each other.” I said hi and asked him where does he think we met. His answer was: “At the friends of Bill W.”. Whoa…indeed! We went to the same meetings few times in a different city (!!). He sightly shook his head and said: “God shot!”. It turned out that my neighbor tries to quit drinking and she just joined AA. The guys were helping her. We had a nice conversation. Now my neighbor knows that I am also here if she needs anything.

Later, I went to the hair salon to get a haircut. Last week I walked over there but I had to set up an appointment because they were busy. I started chatting with my stylist. Somehow the conversation led to the subject of addiction. I don’t even remember how. She is an alcoholic, she goes to AA, and she attends group therapy at an outpatient clinic. H. goes to the same clinic twice a week. We talked for almost two hours way after my hair was done.




14 thoughts on “Two new God shots

      1. Hmmm… You must do things different where you live. Men don’t do women recovery where I’m from. We don’t shrink from offering suggestions, of course, but for obvious reasons we normally do so from a minimum safe distance.


      2. But we’re not talking about pouring coffee at a meeting, we are talking about two men visiting a woman at her house.

        All I said is we do it different in my neck of the woods. Women look out for each other here, and we men support that.

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      3. I agree with that. That’s why I mentioned that they were already friends with the woman. They were not just visitors from AA. There was a woman with them too. I just did not write about that because it had nothing to do with the God shot. 🙂

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  1. Love the God shots. I felt like I had tons of them early in recovery, but not as many now. But I think it’s because that early on, I had my eyes open for the first time in a while, so it seemed to be coming from all over. Now that things have settled down in my life, and more routine, I don’t get those huge aha moments, but boy when I get them, they’re often doozies! But I also have to look for them, and I find them in the small things, the things I used to take for granted in the past.

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  2. I LOVE the God shots. I have been getting really shocking ones for about ten years, to the point that there is no doubt in my mind that I am being guided by a benevolent universe (that also has a sense of humor). I found that the more that I ask for these shots, the more I receive them until it becomes ridiculous. I once asked for an owl (a sign that I associate with God), and walked into a little convenience store in the middle of nowhere, and it had row after row of those plastic owls that people put on their roofs. Amazing!

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