The squirrel

It is simply amazing how surprising events that do not last more than a minute can change everything.

I felt miserable this morning. Something was wrong with my network connection (DNS problem) and I could not finish my university applications that due today. I tried to follow suggestions but nothing helped. Of course I overreacted the situation. I wasΒ tired of everything and I only wanted to sleep without being sleepy. I laid down on the sofa and felt sorry for myself. When I think back, I realize how ridiculous my reaction was. After a while, I slowly pulled myself together and went outside to smoke (bleah). I just stood on the patio when suddenly I spotted a squirrel who got closer and closer to me. I often see squirrels around the building but they are not friendly. This one however kept jumping toward me. I think I did not even dare to breathe. He stepped on the patio, looked at me, and then basically climbed on my right shoe. He scratched the surface a little, it almost felt ticklish. After few seconds, he looked at me again and ran away. This little incident totally made my day. Maybe my better mood fixed my network issue, because soon everything was fine. I could complete my assignments and other tasks. πŸ™‚



14 thoughts on “The squirrel

  1. That’s amazing! Animals are spirit messengers! Squirrels appearing in your life especially to that extent! Squirrels message is to stop taking life so seriously don’t forget to have fun! It also indicates the need to declutter physically and mentally so you can plan for new begginings and fun loving freedom! So cool:)

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  2. Miraculous. One for me is that I have just past 2 years off cigarettes. I’m using a vape device and can use it indoors the vapor dissaptes and doesn’t stink. There is no way I would have ever wanted to quit without having discovered Vape-I may write a post about that some day but it’s my Instagram thing for now.

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