Good memories

Back in rehab, one of the group therapists asked us what kinds of plans we could create to work through triggers. As I was thinking about the question, I realized that I need to go back in time and pull up happy memories and situations. Maybe it sounds silly, but it does make sense. Obviously, when I was a child (and teenager) I did not drink while traveling, settling down for the night, or visiting friends. Remembering does not only help with triggers but also improve my mood when I have to relax.

I noticed a small scene this morning when I went out to check the weather.


It reminds me of our vacation spot at the Lake Balaton where I spent 17 summers. How happy I was! Even now I can smell the warm breeze and the scent of the water. The pine trees were different, the path was a gravel path instead of concrete, and the grass was higher. Still, looking at the scene brought up a wealth of wonderful feelings and memories. It is only the backyard. Simple and ordinary. But to me, it is special. I am so grateful for noticing it. β™₯


6 thoughts on “Good memories

  1. Great post. It actually felt relaxing to read it. πŸ™‚ Makes a lot of sense. I have oodles of good memories and forget to contemplate on them. Maybe that’s the point of “making memories” in the first place- not to stash them away and forget them. Thanks for sharing. Something for me to use today!

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  2. Great idea to focus on the good memories first. I’m trying to do that now with blessings. I can really relate to your words about the photo and vacations. My best memories are the summers we spent in the woods by a lake in Vermont with my grandparents. I can immediately conjure up the scent of pine trees.

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