Risky Drinking

I am just finishing up an HBO documentary on drinking. The personal situations in the film are so familiar, it is actually quite scary (especially the moderation management crap). Another thing that caught my attention is what a professional tried to explain at one point. People do not get long-term treatment for addiction. It is nothing like treatments for diabetes. I know it is common to mention diabetes when we analyze addiction. Diabetes is also a progressive illness. Nobody blames you if you have it. It should be the same with addiction. Fine, I get that. But on the other hand, addiction alters the mind in ways diabetes doesn’t. It would be great if addiction could be treated by some meds and life style changes. I could take pills and go to therapy for the rest of my life. Those would not protect me from triggers and relapses. I just keep following my Higher Power..there is no better remedy.

Anyways, here is the documentary.



6 thoughts on “Risky Drinking

  1. Humorously, my disease doesn’t require me to get behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk but I surely did. I don’t like the “It’s not my fault, I’m an alcoholic” argument. First, I find it phony. Worse, it’s too easy for the alcoholic to manipulate (“Oh, it’s not my fault I maxed out my credit card, I’m an alcoholic”). Lastly, if we are allowed to use it as an excuse to justify behavior, the government and corporations will likely to use it as a means of discrimination. That’s a slippery slope right there, and we will not win that battle lest we keep it exactly how it is now.

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  2. They did a really good job on that documentary – so much is relateable (and so many cringeworthy moments that were also sadly relateable)
    When the girl in the first section says “we haven’t got raped or murdered yet though..” yikes, and watching their shenanigans as an outsider and thinking “but you could have so much fun and great friendships and relationships if you were all sober!”
    The virgin islands guy – what a waste of a week with his son. How sad. Also.. relateable as I have had vacations with the kids where I “let loose and have fun and get drunk cause I’m on vacay yay!” – having slurred stupid conversations, ughh.
    Noel on Moms Night – that is (or was) totally me (except that I work). Another moderation management one? I do wonder if all of those other women around the table really don’t have drinking problems – some of them seemed a little self righteous lol. I also wonder what happened with Noel and if the treatment worked or if she’s here among us blogging in sobriety 🙂


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