My stomach turns

The way I am reacting to anything that slightly reminds me of drinking is amazing and weird. Of course it is mind over matter but I find those experiences amusing.

I can recall a random celebration. After we moved in the new apartment and our finances got a bit better, H. and I decided to have an awesome fondue dinner with dessert, and well…something to drink. I kept our champagne flutes, obviously to serve some kind of non-alcoholic beverage in them. We picked a bottle of apple cider. It basically tasted like simple apple juice. I am not sure what caused my taste buds and mind to go crazy but after the first sip I had to stop. Maybe it was the champagne flute…or the color of the cider…or the taste. All I know is that my stomach turned and I had to spit. I also dumped the drink in the kitchen sink. H. looked at me as if I was a lunatic creature especially when I gulped down a glass of water to completely destroy the acidic flavor in my mouth. On another occasion, I started gagging when I found a small bottle of wine that I found in one of the living room boxes. It was a gift from a friend. The bottle was beautiful with the crest of Hungary on it. I swear that my arm moved without intention and tossed the bottle away. Eventually, I buried it in the trash can. I should have just poured the wine out but I could not deal with it.

My favorite is a recent encounter with huckleberry ice cream. It tasted like rum. WTF? I could not eat it until I explained myself in details why the ice cream was okay. Please tell me I am not an idiot!!!



7 thoughts on “My stomach turns

  1. I was big on vodka redbull and now I can smell redbull from a mile away and…yes…want to gag. I even had a day when my water tasted funny and I could swear it tasted like vodka. Gag. 😦 you are not crazy and I think it is good to feel that way. 😄

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