Fooled by the evil magician


I first saw this image in the hospital. To me, this is not only the temporary solution addicted people might choose. It also reflects mental health issues. When I feel depressed, I see myself as the little guy. I do not even bother to look up. An evil magician lives in my head who shows me the fake warmth of a fake fire. See that bright light? It is not there. The same magician gave me a saw. I do not want to climb the tall ladder to discover the real light. It is an unbelievably huge obstacle. So I use the saw. I stay down fooled by illusions.

God, I need help. I really am my own enemy.


4 thoughts on “Fooled by the evil magician

  1. I think after a while we forget there is anything else but the little fire. I know I did. But hope springs eternal. And I think we are right to hope. When I see people around me that are happy and peaceful and have quit drinking for years, I know it’s possible.
    What kind of help do you need?

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      1. Anger is a tough one. You would think they’d have that figured out by now. My anger was linked to hormone imbalances (and, of course, drinking). I could leave the house all Zen and then be derailed by some minor incident. I used to call it “an exercise in frustration” in that it would make me crazy, and then just continue on and on until I was ready to scream.
        Just thinking about it makes me stressed. ; )

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