On meditation

I tried to meditate when I was a teenager. I was not successful. I could not silence my mind or focus on breathing; thus, I gave up. Then I learned how to do guided meditation with the help of my Reiki master. It worked because I could use my imagination. I had wonderful visions that changed my life until I got bored of the whole concept (caring about anything required effort which I didn’t like). Probably I was too ignorant to face healing.

In rehab, one of our group therapists taught us how to use guided imagery. The specific technique she shared was very similar to the methods I followed earlier; however, it was a shorter version that I found less complicated than the meditation I learned at the Hungarian Reiki Association.

  • I choose a comfortable place where I can sit down. I close my eyes.
  • I breathe deeply while I imagine a bright light entering my mind.
  • Every time I breathe out, I see dark smoke that leaves my body. It is a great and cleansing sensation.
  • I look for my safe place. I follow my intuition as I walk toward a house, a shore, or a forest (my safe place is in a forest behind a water fall).
  • I continue to breathe and let my body-mind-soul system to receive peace.
  • When I feel that I am ready, I count to five and slowly open my eyes.

This practice only takes few minutes and it is refreshing. For some reason, I am always with two other entities: my inner-child is usually sitting on my lap; my inner leader – who I believe is my higher self – is standing next to me with her hand on my left shoulder. I know they support me.


Another form of meditation is focusing on sounds or music. Playing an instrument can help to occupy the busy mind; the frequencies offer positive effects. Well, I cannot play any traditional instrument. Instead, I use a Tibetan singing bowl, a bell, and cymbals. It is amazing how those simple tunes affect me.


Now I need to go to my meditation room 🙂


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