Fact check: TED talk on addiction

So today, I came across a TED talk on Youtube hosted by Johann Hari. He claimed that he did research on the topic and found out that addiction is not related to physical abuse of substances. I agre…

Source: Fact check: TED talk on addiction


7 thoughts on “Fact check: TED talk on addiction

      1. It just seemed like a dangling sentence. There truly is a physical dependence. But, yes, there are emotional issues and family craziness and personality issues and all the other crap that comes with addiction. I just was curious about your opinion.


      2. I think the sentence was not the best (I am ESL hehe). I meant that physical substance abuse does not always lead to addiction. According to the DSM there is a difference between abuse and addiction. To be honest, I do not think anybody will ever figure out the true nature of addiction

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      3. I would have died if it weren’t for the 12 step program, combined with talk therapy. But the relationships I built there helped me deal with it all. Finding people I could relate to and who could support me (and vice-versa) in dealing with recovery….and life, was exactly what I needed.

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